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Having a deck outdoor is great but being under the sunny heat during the day and those insects after dust is irritating. Make your summer more comfortable with your deck free from these bugs and intense heat. Decks with roofs helps in eliminating the burning heat on summer day. Adding a screen protection will keep bugs and mosquitoes and other insects out. 


Regardless of the layout or the size of your current deck, you can turn it into a screened-in porch with a roof. Planning is an important consideration on how to use your enclosed deck. Design your deck from the inside out to ensure that the final design will be a great place you desire. 

The Benefits of Deck with Roofs and Enclosed Decks 

Decks with a roof and is transformed into a screened-in porch can provide you and your family or even visitors a place for dining, relaxing and entertaining that is free from irritating insects. It can also be a great place for your kids to play while keeping them from elements on hot or even rainy days. Having a roof and screen parameter could give you more options for furniture and stuff. 

Adding outlets, lighting and a ceiling fan might be added for convenience. Imagine if there were luxuries added like a big-screen TV or a Jacuzzi or even a fireplace. These can really make your summer a fun and relaxing time all day and even at night. 

Decks with Roofs and Screened-In Porch Designs 

As you are planning on the look of your screened-in porches, there are some things to consider like the possible design that could best match with your current interior house design. When you work with versatile and experienced, you can come up with a perfect design where the improvement you are planning will best fit with the current style of your home like for your new extended roof must match your current roofline with the help of some architectural elements, the color of your porch must also blend with the rest of your using materials that are alike making the integration be virtually seamless. 

Make you small deck appear larger while aiding in keeping your place cool by raising the height of your interior and also raise the ceiling if allowed by your current home design. If your deck has a second story, you could still enclose it with screen and roof while enclosing the lower layer with screen. Don’t take out the possibility of leaving a portion of your deck open because sometimes it is also a good idea not to follow the exact footprint of tour deck.  

Keep in mind that the main purpose of adding a roof and a screen is for you to take full advantage of the space you have all the time of the day. Having this improvement in your home, you could use those places you comfortably than before and safer for the kids against bug bites. Remodeling your deck into a screened-in porch could greatly increase the value of your home 

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