Lanai – a Hawaiian Inspired Luxury Porch, Popular Among the Real Estate Market in Florida

A Lanai is a Hawaiian term, it describes a porch out in the open fully furnished with couches and ceiling fans usually designed to keep up with the tropical climate of Hawaii. This inspired homeowners from other temperate zones in the US in areas like Southern California to Florida to make one of their own porches inspired by the Lanai. 

In some climates, a Lanai is screened in order to keep the bugs out or it could have glass or plastic panels that are removable to keep the cooler air out when the temperature drops. Usually though both glass and screen are preferred by many to be installed due to the seasons. Lanai’s are very popular in Florida that’s why Port St Lucie Rescreening also offers to rescue newly constructed or worn-off screens.  


The direction of the construction of where the Lanai is facing will also be accounted for. If the Lanai is facing south, it will likely get sunlight for most of the day and be very hot even if the temperature outside say’s otherwise. 


There are a lot of benefits with having a Lanai. It’s not just a luxurious addition to your beautiful home it can also serve as a waiting area to receive guests, a relaxation pad, a place where you can have your last-minute budgeted date for your almost forgotten anniversary and so much more! 


If you like hosting parties, as mentioned earlier, the Lanai can be your waiting area for guests especially if the party you are hosting is located near your backyard or pool, most Lanais are designed to be near these areas. The Lanai will be a comfortable chatting space for people who don’t want to get in the hardcore party vibe outside just yet, or for people to rest after partying so hard outside.  


Rain or shine, the Lanai keeps you protected from getting wet or getting too dehydrated from the heat. With its wide-open windows, you can enjoy the view of your backyard plants and flowers and your pool, facing the backyard which is usually how Lanais are designed.  

If you are looking into fully furnished homes having a space for a Lanai is definitely a good investment for a well-established, luxurious household that emits a somewhat tropical vibe. Having a Lanai, without a doubt, gives you a reputation of having a chill vibe with a tropically fresh atmosphere.  


Would you invest in a space for Lanai in your future home? Or if you’re already a homeowner, are you considering renovating a space to turn it into a Lanai? Do you think the Lanai would be worth the price including its maintenance like rescreening and glass or plastic cleaning? All of these questions would only be answered once you experienced a Lanai yourself so why not head to a place where Lanais are a common part of the house, Florida, or go to the place where the term Lanai was coined, Hawaii! 

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